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The uniqueness of Baifoteka approach lies in ability to easily combine both IT and business modeling. Merging them together empowers us to develop a seamlessly integrated system of solutions which features tremendous efficiency in meeting your demands. Along our quality products you will benefit from your every company’s particle integrated in all-embracing optimized producing processes.

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Evolving current business process to better meet the demands and growth of the organization via technology enablement, best practice methodology and organizational realignment.

Business processes management. This field covers services and solutions for improving organization processes and seeking to increase their effectiveness and usefulness. It also comprises creation of a strategy to enhance organization’s orientation toward client’s needs and to improve quality of its products and services.

Strategy development. This field of consulting services covers help and decisions on selecting strategic directions for organization, planning and managing strategy implementation process, measuring and evaluating achieved results.

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Baifoteka provides modern interdisciplinary consulting services using world recognized consulting methods. Having a wide experience of interweaving tech based solutions with business processes allows us to advice our clients on the following fields:

  • IT Architecture — The underlying business IT blueprint and governance mechanisms that enable effective delivery of a client's core business processes.
  • IT Total Cost of Ownership — Assessing and reducing IT costs in line with strategic priorities, and managing for sustained efficiency.
  • IT Governance and Organization — Defining IT organization structure and alignment with the business, including governance and IT management processes.


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