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Tuesday, 12 August 2008 16:50

Looking to build a favorable brand name for your organization amongst public? If your answer is yes, then public relation services are there for you. 

Baifoteka offers high tech businesses complete "mind targeting" public relations services. We work with clients in a broad range of industries, including finance, technology, retail, education and professional services. Public relations services include:

Positioning Strategy
Strategic positioning is the space you occupy and the image you have among users relative to competing products. It is crucial for your approach to the market because you are competing for “share of mind.” Establishing the proper market position to make your company known is a skill in itself. It should never be allowed to “just happen.” We have a formula that can help you define your business.

Achieving better market position is a matter of perception. This analysis is important because it helps you sell -- allows you to target your buyers and people who are involved in purchase decisions. You think through the issues of a product or service and incorporate the ideas of real users into your offering.
The benefit of this exercise is that you agree on target audiences, rationale for your product, the primary buyers and users. 

Media relations
Strategic media relations is a key component of effective public relations. Baifoteka specializes in media relations services: Reaching the right media outlets—specific writers and editors—with the right message at the right time. Strategic media relations can drive interest about your company, not only in media outlets, but with your customers and business partners, too. Visibility in media outlets, like trade journals and newspapers, helps keep you top-of-mind and supports your company’s market leadership.

Corporate communications
Companies have a need to relate corporate information by targeting who they must reach. We develop corporate communications aimed at your possible partners, investors and government institutions. Excellent relations established with exactly who you need and at time are critical to ensure your company’s effective and fluent work. Not only do we come up with the whole conception to build them, we also care about practical things. This can involve training executives how to speak and practicing with them or writing annual reports and investor communications. In this field you won’t have to care about anything: everything from the beginning to the very end is done by us.

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