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Wednesday, 20 August 2008 10:11

Evolving current business process to better meet the demands and growth of the organization via technology enablement, best practice methodology and organizational realignment.

Business processes management. This field covers services and solutions for improving organization processes and seeking to increase their effectiveness and usefulness. It also comprises creation of a strategy to enhance organization’s orientation toward client’s needs and to improve quality of its products and services.

Strategy development. This field of consulting services covers help and decisions on selecting strategic directions for organization, planning and managing strategy implementation process, measuring and evaluating achieved results.


Process optimization. Process optimization project results in optimized and systemized organizational business processes. The project includes analysis, improvement, documentation and implementation phases. Communication system is analyzed as a part of process optimization project in order to identify types of information necessary and provide effective tools for communication (including IT programs).
Process optimization project covers setting the main and supporting processes, preparation of process flows, implementing corrections on organizational structure, developing process descriptions and other necessary management system documents for specific client needs.

Employee motivation system. Motivation system provides tools for employees to manage reward for their work, for managers to increase employees’ involvement in company activities and also to improve internal climate of organization.
Motivation system is based on financial and non-financial elements. Both parts of the system are analyzed and created during the project. Motivation system is tested and improved during a trial use of the system with active participation of consultants. Employees’ periodical evaluation system is developed and introduced for effective motivation as a part of the system. 


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